You still use ice cube trays. amirite?

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At work yeah, but not at home

Holy crap. Completely even.

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The ice maker in my fridge does, but that doesn't count.

Rebels avatar Rebel No Way 0Reply

I didn't know so many people stopped using them. Man, am I out of it or what?

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Ya, I thought that was old school and the the fridge took care of that now

Into the freezer there are a couple for little cubes

nah, no longer a cubist.

No icemaker in my 'fridge!

cuppajoes avatar cuppajoe Yeah You Are 0Reply

Our fridge has one. There's an ice cube tray in there too but who knows how long it's been there.

Lol yeah. How did you know??

Damis avatar Dami Yeah You Are 0Reply

My fridge has an automatic ice maker. :)

Nope, Ice machine

Most fridges do not have ice makers because most families don't use enough ice to want one, and they are more work than they are worth in any case. Health inspectors say the dirtiest place in every restaurant is always the ice machine.

Learn how to make good ice: http://www.bonappetit.com/test-...r-cocktail-ice

You can get cubes by making a foam holder for your ice cube tray, using foam from the craft store.

Yes. My fridge doesn't have an ice maker, and I only know a small handful of people who do have one. I was thinking of buying one of those standalone ice makers that looks like a bread machine, but then I saw the price tag!

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