Girls do like nice guys; they just also want them to be funny, smart, and attractive, amirite?

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And then all the nice guys get pushed to the back and girls pick guys with all the other attributes and are surprised when he turns out to be a jerk. You cant always have it all ladies.

It's all very well being a nice guy, but it has to be someone who is interesting, who you enjoy being around and that you are somewhat sexually attracted to. Maybe the reason so many people with all these attributes are jerks is because of all the attention they get which makes them arrogant?

You guys are all idiots! When i posted this I meant that they want a nice guy but someone who is at their intelligence level, attractive to them, and has a sense of humor! It's what most people look for in a mate!!! You don't hear anyone saying, "yeah, I love me girlfriend, she's ugly." PEOPLE DATE PEOPLE THAT THEY FIND ATTRACTIVE!!! Being attractive is subjective to the person! This is coming from girl who is attracted to nerdy boys and constantly told by her friends that they aren't cute. But they are to me! So to me the boys I like are funny, nice, smart, and attractive. To my friends... who effing cares? Now shut the heck up you dimwitted, assuming, troglodytes!

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Do they realise that most of us are not fucking magicians?

Okay not only are you shallow, but you are never allowed to speak for the female population ever again. -Sincerely, a female who wants a nice guy who is funny and somewhat intelligent and doesn't care about looks.

Demanding much?

they have to be perfect*** I helped correct you.

No no no. No no no no no no no. Smart? Nice? Chicks don't fuck anyone besides violent, bloodthirsty primates. They LIKE nice, smart guys, but those guys will never get laid.

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