You hate it when you flirt mindlessly with someone and then they think you like them, amirite?

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I hate it when somebody mindlessly flirts with me, but they don't actually like me

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Your life must be hard.

I guess... Sortof
I find myself more often in the situation where I just think someone's being nice to me and so I'm nice back and then later I find out the person was flirting

Most of my friends have the same problem XD

I just try to be nice to everyone, but apparently you can't be nice to anyone without them thinking you're flirting with them.

I don't know. Usually when I mindlessly flirt with someone, I really do like them.

So I guess I'm just a flirtatious person because my friends are like "omg you were totally flirting with him" and I'm like "really? I was?" so I completely understand and agree.

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You hate when you think someone likes you and then it turns out they were just mindlessly flirting with you, amirite?

Why does everyone have to take flirting so seriously? Most of the time it means nothing.

Someone's going to call me a slut and downvote me. But honestly I made this because flirting absent-mindedly with someone happens all the time and it's quite obvious when they're being serious with you or when they're just fooling around.

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I would just like to point out that there is a difference between "mindlessly" and "absent-mindedly"

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From reading the comments, apparently everyone thinks that if you're not being mean to them, you must like them. I thought it was normal to be nice to people, now I know it's not cuz it means you're flirting with them. -.-

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