There are an infinite number of numbers in the world, and an infinite numbers of numbers with the number 7 in them. But there are more plain numbers than numbers with the number seven in them. But both are infinite, so there's technically more of an infinite numbers of numbers than the infinite number of numbers with 7, amirite?

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What are plain numbers?

Are mentally gay? Because you just blew my mind

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I get it but it doesn't exactly work...

what. can you pleeeeeaaassse scale this down to a fourth grade level? k thanks!

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

I read the first sentence and was like jOHN GREEN IS THAT YOU

This should make that headache worse.

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By plain numbers I assume you mean all the natural numbers, if you don't, sorry that this doesn't make sense :(
While you can certainly argue that there are more natural numbers then there are numbers with 7 in them, technically they are the same size of infinity because the sets have the same cardinality. That is there exists a function that is a one to one mapping between the two sets.
Ah math how I love thee :)

Your question makes no sense. There are more plain numbers than numbers with seven. Even if infinite.

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