What do the people who predict prophecies and apocalypses do when the world doesn't end, amirite?

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they make up new ones

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@sarahhh they make up new ones

and we have another end of the world party! Woo October 20th!

@noshittsherlock and we have another end of the world party! Woo October 20th!

technically that was always the case. may 20th was just supposed to be who was saved. i think the rapture and apocalypse is full of shit too but if ur gonna make fun of it, make fun of it properly

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lock themselves in their houses... cough cough Harold Egbert Camping cough

"Umm yeah uh, I made a miscalculation, BUT I got your money, ruined stupid people's lifes and that's all that matters, now excuse me I need to make another fake rapture date"

Feign insanity.

I just hope they realize how dumb they look and how idiotic it is when the bible says manyy times that no one know the day or the hour and that the day will come like a theif in the night, yet they still say, " The bible guarantees it!" on all their billboards.

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They go "BAAAAWWWWWWW" in a dark corner and eat Prophecy O's until their hearts heal enough for them to screw people over again.

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They say god is testing us or some shit like that, but he's going to screw us over l8r

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Feel really, really stupid.

Say they miscalculated, and proceed to predict future (wrong) dates, which will still be given stupid excuses.

play poker

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