Despite popular belief, glasses are not a fashion statement. They are a nuisance (in the rain) designed to help people see, not make you look better. amirite?

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There's a bunch of popular girls at my school who wear fake nerdy glasses to look cool and I had those same glasses (real ones) 2 years ago and people called me a nerd. :/

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I understand picking cute looking glasses to wear, but just using them for fashion, rather than seeing, doesn't make sense.

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the only thing i hate about wearing glasses is that i cant fall asleep watching a movie or something, and i have to constantly wipe them off in the rain all the time, oh and that i have to take care of them while i go swimming, also when i wanna wrestle with my friends or siblings i have to take them off or theyll get crushed. otherwise im ok with them -_-

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