Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the Holocaust is that it was not too long ago if you think about the timeline from then and to now. That maybe its most disturbing trait because it is almost like saying there was something so evil so close to our time and things like that still happen. It reminds us all that here is still evil out there, even in this day in age. Its eery, amirite?

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@silvershadow6 *eerie

I apologize sincerely.

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And to clear things up, what I mean by 'this day in age' is that not too long ago, people thought that an entire race was not worthy. Key word is 'not too long ago' meaning that although we have made outstanding modern advances, there are still people out there who believe others are not worthy.

We still have so far to go for the human race and some people don't realize that because of our culture today, having computers, ipads, airplanes, etc... it seems like we are too advanced for trauma to happen.

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@Your_Stalker And to clear things up, what I mean by 'this day in age' is that not too long ago, people thought that an entire...

Fair point, but there's stuff still happening like that right now. Its pretty much everywhere. Shocking to find out, but that doesn't make it go away because we don't know about it.

@Unavailable Fair point, but there's stuff still happening like that right now. Its pretty much everywhere. Shocking to find...

yeah, shocking things are happening all the time like violence
but some people take advantage of their 'good' lives and don't realize that the world is still breathing with pain, they are completely ignorant to the fact of things.
And what bothers me most about it is people see it as a joke (even though humour lightens the mood and can help cope) and brush something off like that as 'not important' because they have all been so gifted to live in this time under what they believe is protection when in fact, bad things can happen to anyone
its like when people get hit by a bus and they say "i didn't see anything coming"
but we all know car accidents happen
but we didn't make sure the road was clear before we crossed.
that sounds too cliche d smilie
Like you said, ignorance and denial doesnt make things go away.
Democracy don't rule the world, You'd better get that in your head; This world is ruled by violence, But I guess that's better left unsaid.

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I come off as a dumb teenager? d smilie

but, yes, my dear one, nothing could replace my love for you

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Plus, even after the world promised no more genoicde, they let Rwanda massacre itself with machetes when they(we) could have easily stopped it. That was in the 90s.

The sad part is that even if the US tries to help them, the civilian majority will complain about "interfering with foreign affairs" and "doing it for oil". And if the US doesn't do anything, the majority will complain about "not doing anything to stop the genocide".

Seriously, the majority is like a teenage girl. They just can't make up their goddamn minds

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Actually, I think the most disturbing thing for me are the sudden jolts of realisation about the people. Like, it's hard to explain, but we've known about the Holocaust for years - it's a part of Western culture and history, but sometimes when reading about it you just get a jolt of realisation that millions of people, real living people, just like us and our loved ones, were killed. I dunno if anyone else gets that, but it's when the statistics suddenly become human.

The same with 9/11 and the War in the Middle East - it's the sudden realisation that shocks you that, if you're under 20, and you consider the start of it September 2001, this war has been going on for the majority of our lives.

then the rest of the world would've just said that we're getting in the way.

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It's horrible that we as humans do this to other humans it outright sickens me. It shouldn't matter what country you are from, humans should help humans. People are just to stupid and blind and it just gets me so angry and depressed. This world is Hell and I can't stand it I long for the day when a human can help another honestly without being accused of meddling.

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