It's impossible to feel good about yourself after eating fast food, amirite?

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"At least I'm not as fat as the guy in line in front of me."

It's impossible to feel good about myself at all after eating anything..

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sometimes i feel like a boss when i finish the 20 chicken nuggets at MCDonalds

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Subway. 'Nuff said.

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But remorse and hypocricy as well as indignitiy and an insensitivity towards the past genocides of your peoples...

But you go ahead and eat that burger.

If I am fast enough to catch the food, I deserve to eat it. I am a champion of catching cooked meals!

Why? I eat fast food all the time and I'm still sexy as fuck.

unless your one of those whiny "anorexic" kids on sixbillionsecrets.
"and then i ate a cheezburgerr and evrythingg became better <3333"

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