You were upset to know that Will Turner and Elizabeth won't be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, amirite?

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I was at first, but I did not miss them while watching the movie - at all. The action scenes were riveting and the Syrena and Philip romance was just right.

Their story arc is done.

At first yes..
But after seeing it, it made me glad that they weren't in it. It would have been random to all of a sudden jump over to the little island where Will kept Elizabeth. I mean, Will can't see her on land for 10 years.
And Will had nothing to do with the Fountain of Youth. It would have made the movie a little more odd if he just all of a sudden appeared and tagged along Jack's, Angelica's and whoever else was going's journey.

it actually made the movie better without them!!

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That doesn't actually ruin anything....

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I did not miss them at all, and for me, the more Jack, the better. This movie would not have worked with them...

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