People who go to the doctors to get antibiotics over something such as a sore throat or a common cold really need to harden up a bit. amirite?

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I'm dead and I suffer from frequent, terrifying, confusing hallucinations as well as pain beyond description, both physical and mental! Do you see ME complaining about it?

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If a sore throat is actually strep and they don't get it checked out, it can be way worse than getting antibiotics for nothing. Better safe than sorry. And if it's not strep, I don't take the antibiotics. They don't do anything if it's not.

See, the problem is if it turns into a bigger thing because you didn't properly treat it when it was little. Take, for example, Pinkeye. Most pinkeyes are bacterial and can be treated at home with contact solution. But Pinkeye can also be viral- untreatable with contact solution- which can lead to blindness. So is it really worth the risk?

I went to the doctor for a sore throat. He said that my tonsil was swollen. It could have been strep if I didn't take the antibiotics.

The common cold can't be treated with antibiotics, I don't think.
But I know what you mean.

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Yes and no, for most people yes but if you have someone like my sister who has P.A.N.D.A.S. not pandas if you get strep you get really ocd and in her case super germaphobic, and it is just a bad cycle since she is germaphobic already so wont go to get medicine.

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