On bridalplasty, women who are getting married compete to win plastic surgery before their wedding... Why not have a competition for girls who aren't as lucky with men, instead of girls who are obviously already taken and accepted by their fiance, amirite?

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That show is all sorts of wrong.

autumnleavesss avatar autumnleavess Yeah You Are +21Reply

How much more fucked up and lame can American television get? Seriously!

Welcome to America, the land of lame television shows.

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There's actually a TV show like this??

It baffles me that women truely hate there bodies so much. If you can't find a man lower your standards jeeze. There are plenty of guys out there just looking for love, maybe you should think less about your appearance more about your approach.

Well the fiancée might make them feel like crap. Unfortunately guys will put down their girls because they think that they will stay that way.

And the swan was horrible too

Or maybe we just shouldn't have that competition at all..

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