The first time you have an anxiety attack is really scary, amirite?

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I just curled up in the corner of my room and started rocking back and forth. Scariest shit ever. I literally thought, "So this is what it's like to go insane."

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I had one the morning I was leaving for a three week long trip to Europe when I was fifteen. My mom was picking something up last minute, so I was just rocking on the bathroom floor, waiting for her to come home. Europe was a blast, but the panic attack was super scary.

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I'm diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, so I have them fairly often. Scariest thing of my life, and I constantly have to deal with them. Sometimes I hyperventhilate to the point where I almost pass out. Plus, I'm going to another state to visit some family friends all by myself, so I'm scared I might have one there when I'm on the plane or at their house. It's terrifying.

My brother fell through a window (nothing horrible, though) and needed surgery. When we got to the hospital, the nurse asked my parents if they wanted me sedated.

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They're scary every time, even when you have an anxiety disorder (and so almost expect them).

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I've had them so bad, so often I've been convinced I was dying.

I actually got an allergic reaction to the medicine I was taking for panic attacks once... That didn't help with anything.

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Never had one.

I had my first one on my friend's horse right before I was about to jump her for the first time. It's even more terrifying when you're on an animal that could easily kill you. :x

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I actually have an anxiety disorder, mine is more of a constant anxiety throughout the day, or I will obsess over something silly like I left my car unlocked, or the straightner is on, which will then make me anxious and obsess over it the whole day and prevent me from functioning normally.

I also constantly think about things that people say, I'm really paranoid that my friends don't really like me etc.

It seems to get a lot worse around exams or high stress situations, which is when I get the full blown panic attacks, it's a horrible experience.

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Holy shit, that sucks bro.

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Is that like when you cant breath and your face feelings all tingly like it just fell asleep? did that happen to anyone? I freaked out this one time then i was like OMG I CANT FEEL MY FACE.. bad..times..

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I've never had an anxiety attack but I had a panic attack once. I didn't know what was going on. After a few minutes, I was able to think clear ish. I kept telling myself to breathe normally but my body wouldn't respond.

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