School kills curiosity. amirite?

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School saves cats then?

How? Education and knowledge fuel curiosity.

@DanielJames How? Education and knowledge fuel curiosity.

Agreed. I suppose it depends on your teachers, though. I've been blessed with the oppertunity to attend the class of amazing teachers, that constantly encourage us to expand our minds, and urge us to step outside of our little bubble, and explore the world. But if you have apathetic teachers that assign busy-work instead of lecturing, and treat the textbook as if it can supply all the needed knowledge of the class, and teach only according to the standards of Benchmarks, that's when creativity is diminished.

I don't see your logic...

Well I agree with the original post. No freedom of expression, you know? Especially in my art class. It's like- "Draw a straight line. What, no! you can't make it green it has to be a RED straight line..."

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