Keith is the worst name a guy can have, amirite?

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I got stuck with Shelby. I'd take Keith any day.

Storytime. This guy, right, his name is Dick. At work yesterday, my boss asked me "Did you do the Dick update? The big, long one?" This would not be an issue of awkwardness if his name was Keith.

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the molestor.

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How about being named "Him"?
"Do you like him?" "No, not him. I like Him." "Well I don't know Him. Is that him?" dafuq did I just say?

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Ashley is kind of a weird name for a guy.

@nickiskip So is Kate

"Hey, my name is Ashley." I can only see a girl saying that. Same with Kate.

@coolstory Ashley is kind of a weird name for a guy.

Leslie, Shannon, Valerie. (I knew guys with each of those names).

@coolstory Ashley is kind of a weird name for a guy.

The head prefect three years back was named Renee and we have a public figure named Vivian. Both are guys.

That was Sam's alias on one episode of Supernatural. But someone accidentally used his real name, so he claimed his full name was Keith Samuel. The bartender asked if his parents had been drunk when they named him.

A girl my mom works with named her son Atticus Finch. He is going to forever resent it.


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It's ugly sounding, just right now say it out loud and it'll sound horrible

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Is this a family guy reference?

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I know a guy whose parents named him Tree...

I think, if I were to name my child (that's a stupid statement, of course I'd name it), I'd name him/her something that a cool nickname can be derived of. Like.. suddenly can't think of any name, ever

I'm naming my son Qikiqtarjuaq after the island in Nunavut.

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