You don't even know why the Kardashian's are famous, amirite?

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their dad was a lawyer? Man it's hard keeping up the Kardashians.

For a big ass and a sex tape.

I guess it's because their dad was OJ Simpson's lawyer and their step dad was an olympic track star... but still...

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i hate the show Keeping up with the kardashians

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@Elena_Roger_ i hate the show Keeping up with the kardashians

Why was this voted down? The show was absolute shit.

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Their dad was a lawyer for the O.J Simpson case.

Sorry, who?

@asa_iku Sorry, who?

You obviously aren't able to keep up with the Kardashians.

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I may be shunned for this but their show is actually kind of entertaining...& you realize that they're lives aren't all perfect. Khloe exspecially has gone through a lot.

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Because they are rich and pretty?

@Liloquand Because they are rich and pretty?

They aren't famous because they're rich and pretty, that's just what keeps them on the air. They're famous because their dad was a lawyer in the OJ Simpson case and Kim made a sex tape.

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