The snooze button...you'd tap that, amirite?

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I'd tap that. Twice.

ihatesockss avatar ihatesocks Yeah You Are +5Reply

More like I'd get a gun and bang it.

Sounds like a POTD :D

Nicks avatar Nick Yeah You Are +3Reply

dude, i tap that everyday. twice.

L0v3s avatar L0v3 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Maple trees... you'd tap that.

ashlaaaays avatar ashlaaaay Yeah You Are +1Reply

Aw yea, I'd be tappin dat shit all day, son!

People don't "tap" a button.. nice try though, pervert!

Anonymous -9Reply
@People don't "tap" a button.. nice try though, pervert!

I'd hit that? It's just a fuggen joke either way. Chill out. Oh wait, you're probably trolling... Nope. Can't be. Your username says so. :)

Fross avatar Fros Yeah You Are +2Reply
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