After a season finale of any TV show, the cliff hanger is killing you not knowing what happened, but when the next season comes on and you figured out what happened, it it always a let down. amirite?

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That's why I stopped watching things like that haha
I always just catch them online after two seasons into the show or something, so I never experience withdrawal symptoms for however many months

Or when a show has a massively huge cliff hanger that makes you wonder for months what's gonna happen, and then when the next season starts all the characters just go on as normal and they don't even mention the cliff-hanger plot.

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Yeah, it's really messed up. It seems writers are just so damn focused on having a hook to keep people talking in between seasons and bring them back to see the next one that it's like "Oh yeah, that was an actual, significant plot point that deserves an actual competent and well thought out solution...... Well, I can't think of anything, let's just say Professor Dumbledore came in and saved him at the last second with the... I dunno, the wumbly jumbly spell" "But, sir, we're writing for '24'" "Do I fucking pay you to comment on my ideas?!" "Uh... Yes, actually" "JUST PUT HIM IN THE DAMN SCENE!"

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