Instead of spending money on commericials for the hungry and endangered, they should put that money towards the cause. amirite?

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The commercials advertise the cause, and people give their money to the cause. Without others knowing, they would only be able to help ONE time, because that's all the money they had.

So that's when commercials come into play. That's like saying "why don't inventors take the money they used to build the prototype and market their product and live off of that?"

How do you think they got the money? By advertising to make their cause known.

there was another post like this a while ago, this is the idea i've had for a while that i posted on that one too:
teenagers these days have access to and are so skilled with pretty advanced technology; they should just give a bunch of info and pictures to all the kids in high schools in all of the US and make it a nationwide competition as to who can make the most effective ad, then just air the best one. you get amazing marketing because all the kids then know all about the charity and a completely free, high quality ad. most teenagers wanna be famous so if they think they have a shot at being the maker of a nationwide ad, theyre gonna try their hardest.

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Most TV stations and websites give them the time for free, and you notice how the quality of the commercials isn't THAT great? They probably got a donation from a production company or even just had some producer do it in his spare time...these aren't multi-million dollar ad projects.

they wouldnt do that if there wasnt a greater income of money after the advertising

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