It's strange how, in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dick Van Dykes father has an English accent and his two childeren have English accents, but he has an American accent, amirite?

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it's chitty chitty bang bang silly!

I never noticed that...maybe its like that because 1. the grandfather is strange, maybe his different accent is part of the strangeness and 2. they can't give dick van dyke an accent because he's terrible at them. One example would be Mary Poppins. Lol.

It's because he sucks at doing an English accent. Just watch Mary Poppins, his attempt at a Cockney accent is horrible.

If anyone wants to correct me before five minutes is up here's your chance. Sorry if I misspelled something, I should be doing my homework and I only saw the movie once a few years ago.

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Many strange things happen in chitty chitty bang bang

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