The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Harry Potter movies have the best music/ orchestras of all time, amirite?

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I agree, but Lord of the Rings has some incredible music too.

And, Pride and Prejudice, but I just love that entire movie.

Hans Zimmer did the POTC soundtrack, and he's pretty much the best composer for movie soundtracks.

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The music in the theme song for the last airbender series is amazing

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Yeah I knew you meant blue people, that's why I specified TLA

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i agree the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack is so powerful and moving ahhhh and harry potter is classic

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Les Miserables begs to differ

dark knight was pretty beast

Hans Zimmer makes excellent soundtracks (POTC, Inception, Dark Knight) and almost every other composer who has made a good soundtrack (Steve Jablonsky, Trevor Rabin, Klaus Badelt, etc) was working for Zimmer's studio, aside from John Williams

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Inception and pretty much all Hans Zimmer soundtracks.

and indiana jones

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I think Peter Pan (not the cartoon) had really cool music, it felt really magical' along with the original Land Before Time

Stardust had some pretty amazing music. It always captured the mood perfectly and enhanced it.

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Close, but Star Wars has got ya beat.

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Jumanji is pretty good too

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