It would be so much easier if all stores posted prices including sales tax, amirite?

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Coming from a place where the tax is included in the shown price, it is one of the most irritating things ever when you go into shops and you have to try and mentally add the tax on yourself.

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They don't in most places in America, I think.

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@Rainbow35 They don't in most places in America, I think.

It's like that in Argentina, and in most places in South America I believe. Not in Canada though...

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!! I've always promised myself that if I ever owned a store or something, then I would include the tax in the price, because its so annoying. Ya know, one of my hundreds of 'when I grow up, Imma change this shit' ideas.

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The tax is included in China, and when I go back to the states, it's so annoying. I calculate the price in my head, and then the cashier tells me it's a couple dollars more than what I thought, so then I don't have enough money and I have chose something to put back. It's actually pretty embarrassing when there's a long line behind you.

In Ireland its included.

I posted this exact thing like a month ago... this is a repost.

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