Hotmail.com: when typed or written, a seemingly harmless email browser. When said aloud, a tragic homophone twists it into sounding like a porn site. Amirite?

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Gmail is hotmails' gangster brother.

whatever you do, do not type in hotmales.com

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@whatever you do, do not type in hotmales.com

Ahaha, I'll try to remember that. :)

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@whatever you do, do not type in hotmales.com

A friend of mine accidentally did that in our computer class. He was kinda confused as to why the page was blocked, but I pointed out his URL. He was so embarrassed.

You just said it outloud, amirite?

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OMG I never thought of it that way!! Thanks a lot lol

I am feeling remarkably stupid for not understanding this :S would somebody mind explaining it to me?

It always sounded wrong to me without even saying it out loud. For the longest of time I just assumed it was some sort of e-mail service for pornstars.

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