You don't want to admit it, but there are some smells that are supposed to be bad that you kind of like. Ex: gasoline, petting zoos, moth balls. amirite?

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Nail polish and nail polish remover... wary smilie

damp basements :) mmmmm

I like white out... >.<

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@Erin Sharpies.

Everyone likes the smell of sharpies.

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@Everyone likes the smell of sharpies.

The smell of Sharpies gives me a headache D:

The fridges that hold the milk at grocery stores =)

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Hair perm stuff.

When I Open I knew box of kitty litter. The fresh stuff smells great.

Gasoline. I love it.

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Fish food

Hot glue when it's heating up...

Why would we not want to admit it?

Cigarette smoke

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