There should be an age limit on voting for nominees on award shows so actual good & talented people can win, amirite?

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Case and point: "The M.T.V. Movie Awards" or, more accurately, "Tweens Shit Their Pants Over Twilight for Two Hours"

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Is an 18 year old's vote significantly more informed than a 14 year old's? Adults make misinformed votes in every election. Regardless of age, relying on the general public to make a decision is a flawed system.

Not an age limit, a maturity limit. Some tweens & teens are more mature and more capable of voting reasonably than some obsessed adults.

I'd say you just have to actually have an online account and only be able to vote once, so that way little spoiled girls with their unlimited texting only get to vote one time instead of voting a thousand times

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im guessing your referring to the mtv awards. because instead of people that actualy acting like in HARRY POTTER or black swan the people that just say lines with no feeling (cough cough kristen stewart) end up getting all the awards. HP FTW.

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I first thought you meant old people would be restricted, but I get it now.

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You know, I'm not sure that would change anything.

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