It's rude and obnoxious when teenagers call people 13 and younger "little kids" when they were once that age. Were all human, amirite?

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Don't deprive me of one of the privileges of growing older. :[

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The truth is neither rude nor obnoxious.

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it's annoying when people think 13 year olds can't date. don't be hating just cause YOU couldn't get any when you were 13.

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The term "little kid" isn't derogatory, it's just a term to describe age. I agree with Sarah. It isn't bad or good, it just is.

yeah i agree with these people lol
like 13 is just a young age to be dating. we're not saying you shouldn't be or that you can't...its just an opinion that we think its a little young to be dating when it kinda doesn't matter because at the age of 13 you don't exactly understand what "love" truly is

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