You need to respect a person that's been on amirite for a whole year, amirite?

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I know people who've been on Facebook for 5 years and no one respects them.

Francoiss avatar Francois No Way +21Reply

I see today is your one year amirite anniversary . . . congrats.

Amirite isn't exactly a taxing website...

Yeah, well i've been on amirite for exactly 18 days longer than you. BAM

My anniversary is in 5 days. Sniff I grow up so fast!

Bossmans avatar Bossman Yeah You Are +5Reply

Damn straight. These noobs need to learn some respect.

Just two more months... squeals

jNOMnoms avatar jNOMnom Yeah You Are +1Reply

It seems that a lot of people joined in June of last year. I wonder what happened then.

Bossmans avatar Bossman Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yeah, not really. I would hardly say I deserve respect.

Lanzs avatar Lanz No Way 0Reply

I've been on amirite a year. I only have a few posts, and no one knows me. If they do, they think I'm annoying. So congratulations on your amirite birthday, and congratulations on existing.

I had to check when I joinedl0because I forgot...

Thats why i don't get any respect, my old account was made in June of 2010, but I kind of trolled alot and wanted to redeem myself so i made this one, but now people always call me young :P

Hmm, 6 more days for me.

Well, I've been on for about a year now (give or take, I know I started in the summer) but I don't get any respect because I don't want an account.

Anonymous 0Reply

a month and a week!

I have, but with a different account.

Axolotls avatar Axolotl Yeah You Are -1Reply
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