Threats these days are so empty and cliched. We need to switch it up to something more believable like, "If you don't do the dishes I'll tie dye all your white shirts!" or "Go in my room again and I'll put an ear of corn in your sock drawer." I'd be scared. amirite?

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I wouldn't mind some corn, to be honest.

Reminds me of the insult I came up with a few years ago. "I hope you step on a painful rock and fall in the mud while streaking nude in the background of a live-action news report about excessive police violence!"

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You better clean your room or I'll vent aboot it on my blog!

No, not the accursed corn, anything but that. Please, I'll do your laundry everyday, just anything but an ear of corn.

Do the dishes or else I'll replace all your Muse things with Justin Bieber things and I'll replace all your books with Twilight!

Clean your room or else I'll lock you in it and force you to listen to nothing but the Friday song until you clean it!

That's how you get my to do chores. My parents don't know that yet.

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