What if one day you slapped yourself and you woke up and you found out that you had been dreaming your whole life? Then, the real world you woke up in would make you feel alien because you'd have been dreaming of a different life the whole time and this real one would feel strange. amirite?

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What if the moment you woke up, you died?

I tried it. Nothing happened...:/

I wonder how many people read this and slapped themselves JUST in case.

i dont know how many times I've laid in bed wondering about this.


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When I was a kid (around 5ish), I had a recurring little thought about waking up one day and being an angel, simply dreaming about a life I wanted to live.
Strangely enough though, I'm agnostic.

If only there were some type of movie saying how this could at all be possible. . . Oh yeah. The Matrix.

Jokes aside, I actuallly read a thing about this in a book before. Was quite entertaining.

Why you wake up from fake world? FEEL ALIEN, NOW! IS smooth or bumpy?

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