People always complain about how celebrities make outrageous amounts of money. Yet people still buy their CD's, watch their TV shows, or see their movies. Where else would the money go, if not to the celebrities, amirite?

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I really hate it when people say that, as if they aren't jobs. Not only are they jobs but they also include having very little of a personal life. Going day to day with people just watching you and criticising everything you do deserves some credit.

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Record sales go to the record label, very little actually makes it to the artist in question. Unless the band puts the music out themselves via BandPage or BandCamp, then most of the profits go elsewhere. The way popstars make money is through the mass amount of people that they play 'shows' for. Tickets sales will generate money. Merch generates money.

They go to managers mostly.

Well there's the production staff... I don't know a lot about media but I would hope they get their fair share.

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