I like how ninja turtles wear masks, good way to hide your identity, its not like you're a giant fucking turtle or anything, amirite?

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Cornered bad guy: "W-What are you?
Ninja Turtle: takes of mask
Cornered bad guy: Gasps You're a turtle!

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They also all have different weapons.


They originally had the same color masks.

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This literally made me laugh out loud. Gracias :)

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Thank you, for making my day. This is great. That is all.

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I've always wondered the point of those small black masks like in the incredibles, like.
Who are you?
(Puts on small mask)

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plus Superman, he doesnt even wear a mask, yet no one knows who he is

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I think maybe the masks were part of the whole thing. Like, the way the comics started off were that they were supposed to be sort of making fun of the popular grim and gritty style comics that were popular when it came out and the masks were just to emphasize the ninja-ness without being taken too seriously. That's just a guess though. It could also be because they looked cool.

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I seriously LOL'D.

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this is from highdeas. at least credit it

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Funniest post I've read

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what the fuck is a ninja turtle

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