It'd be an interesting change of pace if male politicians started growing beards again like they did in the late 19th century, amirite?

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Powdered wigs would be funny too

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@ThatOneNut Powdered wigs would be funny too

My friend and I were watching a Monty Python skit one day, where the lawyers had to wear powdered wigs. Her dad's a lawyer, so she bought him one for father's day. The fact that he's bald just makes it a thousand times more awesome.

@ThatOneNut Powdered wigs would be funny too

Haha I was gonna say that! That would be hilarious.

Yeah, and imagine the Obama in a powdered wig!

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That would be awesome.

My grandfather was a judge, and he was required to be clean shaven. I'm not sure if this is the same for politicians, but they probably do have some grooming requirements.

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i just saw something about this on a show called 101 Gadgets that Changed the World...one of them was the safety razor because it changed the face of the U.S. Presidency


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