Why did the chicken cross the road? was probably one of the first anti-jokes ever created, amirite?

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That's why the meme is "Anti-Joke Chicken".

@boxtop That's why the meme is "Anti-Joke Chicken".

Yea I know I didn't see that meme until after I posted it :/

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No, it has a meaning. You just have to look deeper. The chicken isn't necessarily the animal, but a person, a scared person to be specific. And the other side can be viewed as a heaven. To "cross the road" could be seen as crossing the road into heaven or as a suicide attempt to get into heaven because they were too scared to live. So it could be an anti-joke but I don't think that was the original intent of the joke.

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It's not an anti-joke, the "other side" is heaven. The chicken crosses the road to get to heaven (as in it dies from a car running it over) but then in the more literal sense to get to the opposite side of the road.

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