A cold shower is impossible to enjoy, amirite?

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I live in Arizona, where it gets to 120F+. Cold showers are my savior.

Rock17s avatar Rock17 No Way +7Reply

Even when it's hot, cold showers are too cold for me to enjoy. Maybe I'm just sensitive to that.

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At camp we're always doing something outside. And in the summer, it can get up over 100 degrees. And then we have to deal with the humidity. So cold showers are something to look forward to there.

Wikits avatar Wikit No Way +1Reply

I love a cool shower after a long workout! It feels so refreshing.

Not if I'm actually trying to get clean, but if it's after a practice or something they're amazing.

Everyday after bandcamp i took a cold shower. It feels great after spending hours in the hot sun!

I take cold showers just as much as hot, they're so refreshing

tags avatar tag No Way -1Reply

Out of curiosity, do you live somewhere where summer simply does not exist?

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