It would suck to meet your soul mate at a dentist's appointment, and he/shes' the dentist. Unless of course, you have perfect fucking teeth. amirite?

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I'd sure like perfect "fucking teeth" hello smilie

Perfect skin too. That bright light does nothing for it.

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Yeah, it really stinks because the dentist can always tell right away that I did a line of coke in the car before my appointment. "Sorry, dentist, it isn't my fault that I get all nervous and anxious because of you!"

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Yeah because you know they are your soulmate right away?

My dentist is like 60 so I don't have to worry about that.

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But why would one be at the dentist if one has perfect fucking teeth?

@528491 for a check up? annual cleaning?

But if they're perfect than they're perfect. One wouldn't need a check up or cleaning.
...Nitpicking. Ignore me.

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