You wonder how some songs even get onto public radio since they're basically audio porn, amirite?

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S&M by Rihanna...

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are +10Reply
@Katffro S&M by Rihanna...

My thoughts exactly.

Javvies avatar Javvie Yeah You Are +5Reply
@Katffro S&M by Rihanna...

Ironic, that song is on my radio right now lol

kayla_nicoles avatar kayla_nicole Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Katffro S&M by Rihanna...

Admit it, Rihanna had some guts to make a whole song about bondage sex...

Phils avatar Phil Yeah You Are 0Reply

Tonight I'm fucking you... haaaate that song. Haha.

Richards avatar Richard Yeah You Are +2Reply

Public radio is like NPR, stations that are paid for by the public through tax dollars and then government funding. Public radio isn't any radio station that is available to the public.

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