When did it become socially unacceptable to try hard in school, amirite?

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I kind of like that not everyone tries hard. It'll be easier for me to get the job I want.

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Around the time you hit a certain point and realize, "Oh, damn. This shit will actually help determine my future."

When boys stopped having cooties and everything started to be taken wrong.

When rap artist started bragging in their music about how they made it big by growing up on the streets. Not that it's not possible, it's just VERY unlikely that every person who aspires to become a rich and famous rapper will actually become one.

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When people realized that the people who try harder in school would have 100x more money than them.

When people started being pricks about it.

People hate on me for being smart, but I just shake the haters off. :)

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In China, the atmosphere for school is so dam hostile than in California, it makes me feel disgraced seeing how hard they try at school.

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When did it become socially acceptable to be a try-hard in school?

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