It sucks when you find a genuinely good song on the radio, but then radio stations overplay it so much that you're sick of it for six months, amirite?

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Sometimes if the radio station plays it WAY TOO MUCH, I will get sick of the song within a day or so...So, sometimes I'll hear a song and if I like it I'll turn the channel sometimes so I won't get sick of it

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Usually the overplayed songs are not the good ones, IMO.

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Man, listening to the same song at work 10 times a day on the radio... doesn't matter how good the song is, anyone will hate it eventually.

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i now one singer that really gets on my nerves due to the number of times he has been played on the radio: Justin Bieber

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I can't even find a radio station that isn't playing country so I usually never turn it on at all.

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