When you think of aleins, you think of super intelligent, super hightec, sort if greenish species, but when scientists talk about the posibility of 'aleins' they're talking about a microscopic form of bacteria, amirite?

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How the hell did you manage to spell microscopic when you can't even spell the word "aliens"?

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Hmm, I've never actually pondered the probability of aleins. Aliens, on the other hand, that shit's real.

Or mexicans

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I thought it was a typo at first...

@Supper4dinner I thought it was a typo at first...

lol i did too... until they said it again and spelled it the same way.

@Shadi It isn't?

(Chauncy Pickles): ono smilie No... they just can't spell.

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Well. We're aliens. We're not a microscopic form of bacteria. (Hopefully)

Why can't there be something similar to us somewhere?

Well whatever "aliens" I'm thinking of, they're most defiantly smarter than you, OP.

When I think of "aleins," I think of...what the heck is she talking about?

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