You always fall in love with the characters that get killed off, amirite?

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RIP Fred

@Avery RIP Fred

Fred was always my favorite of the two. Since the start, I always prefered him. I'm pretty sure I cried so hard when he died.

@Avery RIP Fred

Fred was by far the best of the
Weasleys. He made all the best jokes.

@Avery RIP Fred

I cried for weeks when Fred died

Sirius Black :(

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@shorkian L

I hated that too. But I believe the series wouldn't have been as good as it was if that didn't happen.

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Yes, it was.
But it didn't make the show worse.

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Thank you for not being a baby and starting a retarded fight on here.
I meant that it wouldn't have been AS good, because not many shows are willing to get rid of a character everyone loves.

@shelbme L DIES? DAMMIT.

Sorry about that. There should probably be a spoiler warning for the entire comment page...

jesus...oh wait.

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@FrasierFanForever you took mine!!

I can't help it! He is just so awesome.

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Piggy from Lord of the Flies!!!!

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Cinna. I though he would be safe to chose because he just designed clothes. Damn you Suzanne Collins!

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@SpellCheck Dobby D':

Dobby is wanting paying for his work, sir 0.o

Cedric Diggory. Not because I loved him but because of who he came back as... >.>

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That always happens it's so depressing... like before Percy returned to his family I hated him. It's only when the character does something like BIG is when you start to like them

No, it's only happened to me once... Daniel Faraday on Lost.

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@No, it's only happened to me once... Daniel Faraday on Lost.

He was one of my favorites after Charlie died! ):

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I really really liked Rue from book one hunger games but it was a little inevitable that she died....

FrankenFurter. :c

He was so sexy.

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I set myself up for it because I fall for the underdog, or the guy I know the girl will not pick, so of course he gets killed off.

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Frank Lundy

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Ya, I was thinking L.
But if the favorite characters didn't die off, the shows probably wouldn't have been as good

Fred :( He was awesome


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