Fellow celiacs::You wish people were more open minded and didn't automatically think that gluten free food was disgusting and bland. amirite?

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I didn't know celiac's was so common that there are enough people on the site to vote on this...

I worked at a pizza place all through high school, and we served gluten free pizzas on request, and we were able to eat them if they got screwed up since it was extremely unlikely we'd get another gluten free order of the exact same pizza, and they were actually pretty good

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I'm not a celiac, but I can't eat wheat and everyone always seems to think that my non-wheat stuff would be gross. And then they ask what I DO eat, as if wheat is the only edible thing out there. Next time someone asks me I'm just saying I don't...

I eat gluten free food pretty often (family member has an intolerance) and its pretty much the same as normal food. Except the bread and bread-like things. They suck.

My cousin makes gluten free cupcakes, they taste better than the regular version!

I have a gluten-free friend, and I like to find yummy things to bake for him. His mom makes amazing cookies too.

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