It makes you sad when you hear the cool beginning to the song ice ice baby/pressure and you aren't sure which song it is, amirite?

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No, I only get sad when I find out it's ice ice baby.

lionanimaguss avatar lionanimagus Yeah You Are +19Reply

I only get sad when people can't get the name of Under Pressure right.

Anonymous +11Reply

Ice ice baby stole the bass part from Pressure.

I get sad when I hear it and think "Yeah, I love this song, Queen rocks!" and then it turns out to be Ice Ice Baby....

ziggystardust_s avatar ziggystardust_ Yeah You Are +8Reply

It's sad with these two songs and "Can't Touch This" and "Superfreak."

Retoosers avatar Retooser Yeah You Are +6Reply

It makes me happy either way.

Egotisticals avatar Egotistical Yeah You Are +1Reply

OMG! this just happened to me at work the other day! It was an awkward moment.

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