How to make Mexican food: Put beans, corn, peppers, rice, tortillas, and meat together in any form and give it a fancy name. amirite?

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You'd think mario would be giving advice about italian food.

Is anyone else seeing a salsa ad?

You might wanna throw some cheese in there, too.

my favorite mexican food is "mole" (pronounced moe-lay, not like the animal) & it isn't made up of all those things.

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Naming a bunch of foods that are used in that nationality's cuisine is an easy way to make the food seem unoriginal.
Example: Italian food cannot be made without pasta, tomatoes, cheese, or meat (including seafood)

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@Mario I am sorry that I offended you

I understand what your post was trying to convey, so I commend you on that. Also, thank you for apologizing.

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Tomatillos, potatoes, cilantro, garlic, nopales, cumin, tomatoes, onion.....just a few more things we commonly use.

so.. burrito, torta, quesadilla and the like are now considered fancy names? :s

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No offense, and I know I am setting myself up for offending someone by saying this regardless of saying THAT, but when I think "Mexican", "fancy" is not exactly one of the first hundred words to follow by association.

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