If everyone talked how they read, you know one person who would go around saying, "Hi, my name. Is Fred. I like. Manga, do you. Like them too?", amirite?

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If people talked how they read...a lot of people might not talk at all.


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I don't know anyone named Fred

I don't know anyone who likes manga.

@John_Smith I don't know anyone who likes manga.

Too bad. They're pretty cool people.

I dont even get this. Who reads like that?

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Oh, you mean when peopel read out loud, not in their heads, right? Yep, I'm a smart one.

I think it's because when you're reading manga, you read from panel to panel, and there are usually a few words in a panel at a time. Hence, Fred's weird speech pattern.

How is manga plural?

@Wookum http://answers.yahoo.com/questi...6130644AAnDxrc

Manga is a style.
I like [style]. Do you like it too?

Manga(plural) is multiple specific cartoons of manga.
I like [title], [title] and [title] manga. Do you like them too?

Only people whose reading skills are sub-par would talk like this. I, however, read like I talk, so there would be no difference.

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