You don't really know what to say when someone knocks on the bathroom stall door when you're in it, amirite?

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"what's up"

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Just say something angrily in Chinese.

Come in!

"Stall's occupied nigga!"

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In my head, I'm thinking "Go away, I'm taking a piss" or "I'm pooping"

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"Piss off, I'm wanking."

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....................................... hello? .................................

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I either say that or mumble something unintelligible just so they know that there's someone in there.


I just kinda freak out and go "BAAAAAAH!" People usually leave that bathroom alone.

"I am currently shitting!"

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When people knock I say who is it,
I don't know why I do it, I just do..

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@ellephaba101 http://m.amirite.net/340448

Oh, you know because two people can never think of similar posts, or I KNOW! I just sit on my ass all day searching through old posts to re-post. Fuck off asshole. <3

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"yes the door is locked"

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The bathroom I had to use last year sucked if you liked your privacy because some stalls had doors with broken locks and by broken I mean there was no locks and the rest [excluding urinals with no walls]had no doors so if they knocked on one with a door I replied ''Can you shut the door behind you''

Come In!

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