No one knows who the mods are, amirite?

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What's a mod?

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Why is this posted in food lol

This user has deactivated their account.

Not that kind of mod...moderator. ono smilie

Exactly! Cuz I don't even know who they are except I think Arandomperson is

you are so i know who a mod is


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coday is. and he's meann!!!!!

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I know you're a mod, cuz u deleted one of my posts, dick!

how was mine a repeat?!?!

All I know are:
Ex-mod is sara24
That's all I know.

@danub i think idk someone named Butts is a mod too

Well, I know she's a mod as well. That comment up there is old d smilie

@danub i think idk someone named Butts is a mod too

I didn't realize people actually read my lame old posts. lol

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