When getting all A's... my parents do not proceed to buy me a mustang or get me the latest branded fashion. Instead a pat on the back and a "good job kiddo", amirite?

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I get a "Why weren't they all A+'s?"

Indian parents....

Craig_dontyouknows avatar Craig_dontyouknow Yeah You Are +48Reply
@Craig_dontyouknow I get a "Why weren't they all A+'s?" Indian parents....

Thats what my mum does. "I will pull your college fund if you get a c. I'm not even joking."

@Craig_dontyouknow I get a "Why weren't they all A+'s?" Indian parents....

my parents get 'dissapointed' in me when i bring home a 95. "what happened to the other 5%? you don't study hard enough"

ImTheRealShadys avatar ImTheRealShady Yeah You Are +2Reply

It's because they expect it out of us, godammit. If I were to get consistent C's my entire life, and then all of a sudden get straight A's one semester, it probably would be different.

Erins avatar Erin Yeah You Are +35Reply

They don't reward me when I get good grades, they punish me if I don't. It sucks. Because I'm doing amazing in all my classes, if I get any thing below a ninety, and I'm showered with "What happened? Why isn't this higher? Are you paying any attention in class? This is unacceptable."

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@They don't reward me when I get good grades, they punish me if I don't. It sucks. Because I'm doing amazing in all...

Mine do that too. Then they assume it's because I've been on the internet or hanging out with [insert friend I most recently talked to] too much, and use that as an excuse to punish me.

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +19Reply
@LittleRed Mine do that too. Then they assume it's because I've been on the internet or hanging out with [insert friend I most...

Same here! My parents made me put off driver's ed and my permit test because I had a B- in advanced English.

AND while all this is happening to me.. My rich friend gets 20 bucks for each B he gets and gets a new car for the 'good' grades!

FilipinoCanadians avatar FilipinoCanadian Yeah You Are +30Reply

My parents still expect perfect straight A's
And they're White. T_T;

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I only got paid once for good grades. 20 bucks. And I was a freaking valedictorian AND graduate of distinction, which requires a 95 average, a certain ACT score, and at least four AP classes. I would have appreciated just a trip for ice cream once or something.

My dad went to Stanford and then Harvard Law School.
"Dad, I got 97 on my math test!"
"Please. I used to get 107s on my tests. Try harder next time."
My mom, on the other hand, views every good test grade as proof that she didn't fail as a parent, and lets me choose dinner for the evening.

ctiscoolers avatar ctiscooler Yeah You Are +22Reply

My parents don't even do that. My parents put it in a file folder in a file cabinet

The Asian grading system: (Your grade-90)+4

My one friend got 50 damn bucks for every A- or higher. My parents freaked if I got a 95 or lower. -_-"

missinvisibles avatar missinvisible Yeah You Are +9Reply

(grades all above 96) Parents: Why aren't you getting 97 or higher?
Asian Parents.

my parents are mexican so i dont have a steryotype to live up to (like asians or indians) but they freak out when i get a 95 or a lower A. and dont even mention getting a B because they would probably faint. i never get rewarded all they say is "you dont need a reward because this is the way it should be. why should i reward you for something that will affect your life. not mine" and i sorta agree with them but still :/

I get taking your kid out to dinner at the end of the year to celebrate a job well done, but I have a friend who gets $20 from her dad for every A, and even that seems excessive. How about you get straight A's and your reward is a college acceptance letter?

ForeverMarauders avatar ForeverMarauder Yeah You Are +7Reply

my average was 88 and my mom was disappointed it wasn't *even a 90 :(

imdudeheads avatar imdudehead Yeah You Are +6Reply

"You only got a 92 in that AP science class with the class average about 76? You did better than most of the IB kids? How can you even expect to get in to college with such a low score?" ...

nantsingonyamas avatar nantsingonyama Yeah You Are +5Reply

My mom gave me a stuffed animal dog once :D

_pi_s avatar _pi_ Yeah You Are +4Reply

I walked past a girl who was talking about how her parents gave her £400 for getting four As (out of twelve subjects). I got all As and i got a packet of sweets.

@davewilk99 You're lucky to get the sweets mate.

Back in my day when I got an A my dad would kill me and dance about on my grave

ProudMarys avatar ProudMary Yeah You Are +1Reply

"The average of this class is 90, why didn't you get higher then that?"

I got a hundred dollars this marking period. My brother had to sell his X-Box.

Anonymous +1Reply
@I got a hundred dollars this marking period. My brother had to sell his X-Box.

I get 100 dollars for all 90's and 75 dollars for like one or two 80's. But it gets cut in half for each missing assignment.

Anonymous -12Reply

i get pretty good grades all the time and my parents are like "good job" and then my little brother who doesn't really try in school that much get's a 90 on a test he gets ice cream............. -_-

How can i YYA or NW this?
BITCH, i dont know your life!

Anonymous +1Reply

I'm just average.

Daemoines avatar Daemoine Yeah You Are 0Reply

My mom told me to work harder when I got a 93 in Texas history one year because one assignment was lost (I had forgotten to put my name on it... oops). Now my parents commend me when I'm getting all A's, and it bugs the hell out of me because before, I would be in trouble if I didn't.

But if I get a B at my house all hell breaks lose

My grandma gives me $20 for straight A's the entire year, which I've always gotten. Unforuntately I live in the shadow of a genius older sister so my parents don't think I do anything special.

Mnickis avatar Mnicki Yeah You Are 0Reply

When I got into one of the best colleges I applied for and I called my mom to tell her, all I got was a "That's nice, honey! Talk to you later!" Exasperation. .___.

Anonymous 0Reply

They used to just say "good" or "at least you did better on this than that other one." Then I stopped telling them when there were test or quizzes because I feel so stupid when they findout how bad I do, so I usually just pretend nothing happened, good grade or bad. Becasue it's always guaranteed that my twin sister will get a better grade than me.

I usually get around 8o's and and I get the 'where is the other 20%?'

Hey_Theres avatar Hey_There Yeah You Are -1Reply

I got my folks so used to me being the last in all my classes that they just stopped caring at one point. Win?

ProudMarys avatar ProudMary Yeah You Are -1Reply

Am I the only one with parents who tell me "As long as you pass(D or higher) you can get that new video game you wanted!" I came home with B's and C's, so they got me Black Ops and Doritos. Aaaaah white parents :)

haha you guys shoulda done what i did, start off doing shit the first couple years then when you actually need the grades for something good actually start trying, went from keeping my average around a 60 to getting honour role when i needed the grades to get into college

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