Youve never actually seen someone running frantically in an airport to stop their lover from boarding a plane only to get to them at the last second, realize their feelings for each other and then have a long passionate kiss, while everyone cheers for them, like in the movies, amirite?

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no, that actually happened to me once. A similar situation. We were on senior trip and we had just gotten to the airport. We were out by where all the taxis come and there was this one taxi who dropped off this young couple, probably just graduated college. They were dropping off this really tall girl with all these suitcases and as she left the taxi and was about to go into the airport, the boy kneels on one knee and claims his deep love for her and proposes and all that shit.
But then the girl keeps walking and confesses about how she can't marry him because she never really liked him and cheated on him...twice...with his older brother.

nobody cheered for that.

No it happens. It's just no one cheers 'caaauuuuuseeee we really DGAF.

I did, however, witness a girl break up with her lover at the airport.

No fuckin' shit.

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