Zoos are terrible if you think about it. Dozens of animals trapped in little cages. It's not fair. Amirite?

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Sitting on chairs is terrible if you think about it. Dozens of buttcheeks falling asleep and becoming sore if left there too long. It's not fair, amirite?

Sergs avatar Serg No Way +5Reply

the animals dont have any predators and get fed more than enough each day. that's way better than they'd do in the wild.

most of those animals are injured in some way so they wouldn't be able to survive in the wild... So they're not that bad

I have cousins in the zoo. They like it there.

Also their "cages" are made to suit there habitat and are lags enough for then to roam and be happy!

Lyris avatar Lyri No Way +6Reply

safari parks aren't too terrible though

Anonymous +5Reply

Having pets is terrible if you think about it. Tons of little animals trapped in houses and cages. It's not fair. Amirite?

Averys avatar Avery No Way +5Reply

well, before you debate this, you have to think about what kind of zoo it is. A small, grey, cube that an animal lives in that's nothing like its natural habitat,where the animal gets frustrated and bored? bad. A place where they have room to roam, that's very similar to its natural habitat, except with more than enough food and no predators? good.

Life isn't fair.

Depends on the zoo.

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It's sure as hell better than being hunted to extinction.

Dozens? no.

I feel bad for them because it's not their natural habitat. How would you like to be caged off from the rest of the world?

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It's not like they grab random animals from the wild and throw them in zoos. The animals you see in zoos are disabled, sick, or injured, and wouldn't survive long out in the wild. Zoos are doing them a favor.

I love these comments

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