We all have those odd songs on our iPod that we listen to a lot more often than anyone will ever find out about ;) amirite?

96%Yeah You Are4%No Way
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The wink is somehow appropriate

Lolitas avatar Lolita No Way +8Reply

my top played consists of a lot of taylor swift and 3OH!3. but no one needs to know that!

Yeah, it's this --> YouTube video thumbnail

ali_ds avatar ali_d Yeah You Are 0Reply

"Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo
No one will ever know . . .

Sups avatar Sup Yeah You Are 0Reply
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@Richard I care...

I don't. This is now a controversial issue.

Lanzs avatar Lanz No Way +19Reply

Slut - Todd Rundgren. Come See the Duck - Deerhoof. 500 Miles - The Proclaimers. I've listened to each of these three seongs over 30 times in the past week...

colettes avatar colette Yeah You Are 0Reply

I kinda LOVE the song Friday :$

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