Why is it that cats depicted on the internet have such bad grammar? amirite?

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This post is much funnier because it was posted in "Politics"

well, at least to me

No, the cats have perfect grammar. We, as humans, have the awful grammar.

Maybe because they are cats.

@God_the_Almighty Maybe because they are cats.

Well they don't exactly speak english, but when we depict them doing so they always sound like retards...

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Bitches don't know 'bout my LOLCats. "I can haz cheezburger" hahahahaha, that always cracks me up. . . Wait, that's not funny. >:(

it annoys the crap out of me:/

I always pictured my cat talking very properly...

i wrote an amirite answering this question :D it's a rejection of human-centric society.

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